No on prop 2

This is why I don't trust Prop 2 - Our August 2016 M&O fund balance was $36,333,187 and there are items on Prop 2 that should not be bonded over a 25 year period but instead be paid for from the M&O fund.  Bonding items over 25 years that don't even have a life span of half that time will push us into a vicious cycle of continuing to pay interest on items we may not even have anymore.....  Plus some roof replacements listed are said to not be needed for 2-4 years & 4-5 years!

We could save over $2,000,000 on interest if we used the M&O fund for items that shouldn't be bonded.

What is Prop 2?

$60,150,000 for District Wide Improvements, Transportation facility, Roofing & HVAC, Technology, CTE, Music Building for HHS, etc. (see the full list below)

Pd Pol Adv by the PAC. Jennifer Allen, Treasurer