Hays CISD Administration finally released the total construction costs for Lehman High School! Using Turner Construction Cost Index to apply inflation we get to $179.13/sqft, NOT $250/sqft! In today's dollars, Lehman's design applied to proposed square footage of 413,500 would yield a price tag of $74,070,255. I know we need some upgrades to the concept for various reasons, but almost $30,000,000 in upgrades?????!!!!!! NO NO NO.

New Construction vs Lehman & Carpenter Hill

Here are the construction costs for Carpenter Hill Elem (which is what the new Elem schools are modeled after.) Using the same index as before to apply inflation for the last 9 years, we get to $165.60/sqft, NOT $250/sqft! Then applying that price to the larger proposed square footage of 115,000, we should be at $19,043,442, NOT $28,750,000! Once again, I know we probably need a bit of updating but I can't understand an additional almost $10,000,000 for each one..... How? What? Why?

Pd Pol Adv by the SaveHays.com PAC. Jennifer Allen, Treasurer